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The certified formation in soft skills and management, will allow students to mastered the concepts and tools of modern management : Agility, Disruption, Innovation, Change Management.

Aiming at the training of tomorrow’s researchers and executive-researchers, the objectives of XL-Chem Graduate School are to propose innovative, research-oriented master and doctorate degrees in chemistry, with a strong and specific formation in management and entrepreneurship.

To reach its objectives, XL-Chem will associate high level courses and lectures in chemistry and chemical biology, to a reinforced training through research in international laboratories and industries, and a dedicated innovative set of management courses leading to an additional certification. This program will provide them with hard and soft skills related to finance and management in the corporate world, in order to access strategic positions in chemistry.

XL-Chem students will benefit from a certified training in management topics: strategy, accounting, team, budget, project, quality management. They will develop an understanding of the social, legal and economic implications of the decisions that managers in chemical, pharmaceutical, luxury and related industries are required to make.
This certification will be a key asset for the employability of the GS students. 250 hours are planned at the Master level.


The provisional training programme is as follows:

Master 1 – Semester 1

Strategy and organisation
HR Management

Master 1 – Semester 2

Managerial finance
Marketing and supply chain
Development and international trade

Master 2 – Semester 1

Entrepreneurial spirit
Company and companies
Company simulation