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Pierre-André Durand, Prefect of the Normandy Region, Prefect of the Seine-Maritime Region, Christine Gavini-Chevet, Rector of the Normandy Academic Region, Rector of the Normandy Academy, Chancellor of the Universities, Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, Françoise Guégot, Vice-President of the Region in charge of higher education, research and digital technology, Christine Brunel, Regional Delegate of the CNRS Normandy and Innocent Mutabazi, Provisional Administrator of Normandie Université, officially launched the new XL-CHEM University Research School on 15 October.


Supported by Normandie Université (*) in partnership with the CNRS and co-financed by the French state and the Normandy Region, as part of the “Investing for the Future” program (PIA3), XL-CHEM’s ambition is to make Normandy a major European research and training center for molecular chemistry. The first students enrolled in this University Research School began their training in September 2020.


As a reminder, within the framework of the 3rd part of “Investing for the Future” program (PIA 3), the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation launched in 2018 the second wave of the call for projects called “Ecoles Universitaires de Recherche” (University Graduate School of Research – EUR). The ambition of this call was to offer each university site the opportunity to strengthen the impact and international attractiveness of its research and training, in one or more scientific fields, through the creation of one or more EUR.


Following an evaluation by an international jury of the 191 projects submitted in this framework, 24 winners were chosen, including the Normandy project “XL-CHEM”.


XL-CHEM is the first Graduate School School in Normandy and aims to train tomorrow’s managers by offering innovative Master’s and Doctorate level courses, combining training through research for excellence and specific advanced training in entrepreneurship and management. The school brings together all the Normandy medicinal, molecular and macromolecular chemistry units in a region that represents the 2nd largest drug production area in Europe.


Its objective is to train chemists who will be able to detect opportunities, dare, undertake, and learn the concepts and tools of modern management. Upon graduation, EUR XL-CHEM students will be prepared to enter the scientific industries, including research, as well as areas such as marketing and project administration. The students will draw on the expertise of academics in the chemistry department and management training, and will be able to contribute to the cutting-edge research being carried out around the world.


XL-CHEM relies in particular on the excellence of the research carried out within LABEX SynOrg (Synthèse Organique pour le vivant), the largest French organic synthesis laboratory, and the Carnot I2C institute, which is committed to developing research to support business innovation in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, sustainable development, specialty chemistry and polymer materials sectors.


XL-CHEM can also rely on Normandie Valorisation for technology transfer. The Laboratories involved in XL-CHEM also have lasting links with industry, for example via joint laboratories with large groups, and the creation of start-ups resulting from the laboratories’ research work.

As part of the “Investing for the Future” program (PIA3), the French government is supporting the XL-CHEM project with 4.1 million euros over 8 years. For its part, the Region has granted an initial subsidy of 968,800 euros over 3 years to this project.


(*) The five member institutions of the ComUE Normandie Université involved in EUR XL-CHEM: University of Caen Normandie, University of Le Havre Normandie, University of Rouen Normandie, ENSICAEN, INSA Rouen Normandie


The eight laboratories of EUR XL-CHEM: COBRA, LCMT, PBS, ISTCT, URCOM, SMS, GlycoMev, CERMN