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The Graduate School (GS) XL-Chem has a double level of governance, validated by all partners of Normandie Université and CNRS for the Norman research and training clusters: a global management through a steering committee (SC) for all clusters and a scientific and educational level for each cluster (executive committee, EC). This governance relies on an external expertise guaranteeing quality and transparency, a scientific governance at the inter-institutional level, and an overall scientific coherence at the Normandy level. The external evaluation will be reinforced with the implementation of a permanent international advisory board of experts selected for their experience and achievements in research, education, international and socio-economic fields.

Steering committee

The steering committee will monitor the objectives / means contracts. It will respect the following principles: development and strengthening of excellence in the perimeter of each Graduate School, strict application of the resource earmarking mobilised by leverage effect to the scope of the GS, responsiveness and efficiency of decision making, respect of the scientific and education objectives.

Executive committee

The role of the EC is to define the implementation agenda of the graduate program and, on a monthly basis, to monitor the progress of the operational advances, propose mitigation plans, if necessary, and report to the SC about the adequacy between the site strategy and the GS implementation.

The International Scientific Advisory Board will have the role to monitor the XLChem overall strategy from an external perspective and will meet every 6 months

At the operational Level, Pierre-Yves RENARD is the leader of the graduate school, which receive an administrative and financial support of Normandie Université and 4 Committees will be set-up, dedicated respectively to research, educational program, valorization, and communication and administrative aspects.